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Los accidentes de tráfico son la causa principal de muertes laborales en los Estados Unidos. PLAY. If cross bracing is used as a TOPRAIL, the crossing point needs to be between ________ and _________ inches above the working surface. OSHA Standard. What are the 5 common ladder hazards listed? 2,000 pounds b. Learn scaffold with free interactive flashcards. Type of Excavation: Building construction that requires wide excavation or total extraction of the soil are classified into two categories depending upon the condition or location There are 3 basic types of scaffolding. supersede any OSHA, federal, state, local statues or regulations. Improper Scaffold Construction. • Assess the work area, site conditions, and Falls, Falling objects, electrical hazards, collapse hazards, planking hazards, weather conditions, collisions, Proper access, guardrails, PFAS, protection from electrical hazards. True b. Oh no! Gravity. OSHA’s scaffolding standard has several key provisions: • Fall protection or fall arrest systems—Each em- ployee more than 10 feet above a lower level shall be protected from falls by guardrails or a fall arrest system, except those on single-point and two-point adjustable suspension scaffolds. _____ are a leading cause of serious and fatal injuries in residential construction. a. Yours b. Additional Information: 29 CFR 1926 Subpart L, Scaffolds. Flashcards. Employees who work on scaffolds must be protected from falling if the level of the scaffold is feet above the level below it. Extension ladders should extend _____ feet above the landing to safely access that level. 3. Face the ladder when ascending or descending, Before using a ladder, inspect it for _____ or _____ points, Scaffold platforms must be at least _____ inches wide, Generally, the front edge of scaffolding should be within _____ inches of the face of the work, Scaffold planks with visible _______ must not be used, Do NOT use objects on _____ of scaffold platforms to increase height, Do NOT climb the _____ _____ to access scaffolding, Access to and from another surface can only be used when the scaffold is no more than _____ inches horizontally and ______ inches vertically from the other surface, Scaffolding ______ ft or higher must have some means of fall protection, Metal frames with platform that can be raised, Supported by 2 extension ladders with platform between them, Brackets constructed to form pitch of roof and creates level work surface, Brackets hook over and supported on top of wall structure, Work Platforms attached to forklift scaffolding, Entire platform is attached to lifting carriage and/or forks, Fabricated Frame Scaffold must be restrained when the height to base width ratio is more than ______ to ______. Oh no! Start studying OSHA SCAFFOLDS. If you are preparing for Scaffolding job interview then go through Wisdomjobs interview questions and answers page. The OSHA scaffolding safety procedures guide says it like this. It looks like your browser needs an update. Your Supervisor’s c. OSHA e. Designated Competent Person d. All of the Above 3. This threshold differs from Subpart M (fall protection), which requires the use of fall protection at six feet for most construction activities. Per federal regulation 29 CFR 1926.451, each scaffold and scaffold component must support its own weight and a minimum of four times its maximum intended load. Among the most vital OSHA scaffolding regulations are those that relate to capacity. OSHA’s scaffolding standard has several key provisions: • Fall protection or fall arrest systems—Each em-ployee more than 10 feet above a lower level shall be protected from falls by guardrails or a fall arrest system, except those on single-point and two-point False 4. You can also check the A1 web site at www.a1scaffold.com for code updates and the latest in scaffold safety tips. If cross bracing is used as a MIDRAIL, the crossing point needs to be between __________ and ________ inches above the working surface. How much was a Plastering Contractor fined for improper fall protection for employees working on scaffolding? This course discusses the general requirements of scaffold safety as well as the components, erection, use and dismantling of supported and suspended scaffolds. OSHA Training Requirements - Scaffolding. OSHA eTool. Key Concepts: Terms in this set (39) Giovanni arrives at a jobsite as part of a team contracted to repair ductwork. Helps workers identify and control the hazards that cause the most serious scaffold-related injuries. Whose responsibility is it to inspect scaffolding before use to make sure it is safe to use? a. Employers must provide fall protection for every employee on scaffolding more than 10 feet above a lower level. OSHA also issued three serious citations, with $16,720 in fines, to Flintlock for additional hazards. Check Safety Codes Use bracing at all points provided. 1926.451, General requirements 1926.451(e), Access Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Scaffold Safety: 4 Common Hazards and How to Reduce Exposure. Start studying Ladder and Scaffold Safety. Cross bracing can be used to climb onto scaffolding. _________ shall not be allowed to accumulate on platforms, Each employee on a scaffold _____________ feet or more about a lower or the ground level, shall be protected from falling by a FPS. Are cross-braces required on frame scaffolds? Excluded from this program are aerial lifts which are addressed in the IU Aerial Lift Program. A scaffold is an elevated, temporary work platform. 2. How many hours of training do scaffold erectors need before becoming erectors? Test. OSHA requires a “competent person” to inspect scaffolds. What’s the average allowable leg load for a typical frame scaffold? Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. a. Shipyard Employment. According to the agency, a competent person is one who: Has been trained to understand the requirements of OSHA’s scaffold standards (29 CFR 1910.28 for general industry and 29 CFR 1926.451 for the construction industry) Created by. Direct access to or from another surface shall only be used when the scaffold is not more than 14 inches horizontally and 24 inches vertically from the other surface. semtimofey. It looks like your browser needs an update. Learn. Scaffolds should always be erected, inspected, and tested by qualified technicians before construction workers use them. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. a. Start studying osha- SCAFFOLDS. In a Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) study, 72% of workers injured in scaffold accidents attributed the accident either to the planking or support giving way, or to the employee slipping or being struck by a falling object. This quiz has been created to test your knowledge about Scaffolding Safety and … Yes, except where indicated in the OSHA standard, the same basic scaffold requirements that apply to frame scaffolds also apply to; - Manually Propelled - Pump Jack - Ladder Jack - Tube and Coupler - Pole Scaffolds - Specialty Scaffolds Fall protection-Residential construction 6' or more. Do scaffold users need training before using scaffolding? Duty and rating of the ladder (What's its capacity), Extension ladders should be set-up with a ____ to____ pitch. Each plank, shall be installed so that the space between them is NO MORE than ________ inch wide. Write. have accumulated on one side of a scaffold plank, it should be turned over so as to present a clean work surface. Spell. Protecting these workers from scaffold-related accidents would prevent 4,500 injuries and 50 deaths every year. Check your knowledge of scaffolding instruction with this worksheet and quiz combo. The IU Scaffold Safety Program applies to all faculty and staff and establishes safety requirements for the proper construction, inspection, maintenance, operation, and use of supported scaffolding. What 3 things should you think about before choosing a ladder? What are the 4 ways listed to maintain a safe position on ladders? Check frequently with your local OSHA, state and local offices for the latest safety code updates. Extension ladders should be ______ at the top or bottom to prevent movement, Step ladders must be used in the _____ _____ position, Never use the _____ ______ rungs of a step ladder for sitting or standing, Choose a step ladder that is no more than _____ feet shorter than the height you want to reach. If the working edge of a scaffold tower is more than _______ inches from the work, a guardrail and/or PFAS must be used. 10 c. 15 d. 20 SOURCE: OSHA 29CFR 1926.451(g)(1) 4. In a personal fall arrest system, lanyards and vertical lifelines must have a minimum breaking strength of: a. True; False ; If paint, plaster, etc. These rules are illustrative and suggestive only, Scaffold Safety Employers must ensure the following: • Follow the manufacturer’s allowable load for the casters, scaffold components and platforms, along with recommended bracing to ensure a rigid and structurally sound scaffold. What had the highest amount of Construction OSHA Citations in 2007? Suspended scaffolds, which are one or more platforms suspended by ropes or other non-rigid, overhead support. 5 b. To ensure the best experience, please update your browser. a. 3,500 pounds c. 5,000 pounds More Scaffolding Safety Quizzes Scaffolding Safety: Construction Safety Standards Quiz! STUDY. A scaffold plank that has been used as a mudsill should not be returned to service on a platform. What is the quick way to set-up an extension ladder to the correct pitch? Then do not worry, we’ve a right answer for your job interview preparation. There are two basic types of scaffolds: Supported scaffolds, which consist of one or more platforms supported by rigid, load- bearing members, such as poles, legs, frames, outriggers, etc. Match. To ensure the best experience, please update your browser. The team is given a set of scaffolding components to assemble. When did the U.S. start OSHA? Per 1926.451 (g) (1), OSHA has determined a fall protection threshold of 10 feet for scaffolding (also note American National Safety Institute A10.8-2011). The first type is known as supported scaffolds, which consist of one or more platforms, supported by rigid members, like poles, legs, frames, etc. scaffolding safety. Supported scaffolds with a height to base width ratio of more than ________ shall be restrained from tipping. How strong is the typical 8-inch scaffold caster? Scaffolds are typically equipped with guardrails as well, to ensure safety – and that certain safety standards are being followed. OSHA 1926.454(c) states: When an employer has reason to believe that an employee lacks the skill or understanding needed for safe work involving the erection, use or dismantling of scaffolds… Add extra Choose from 500 different sets of scaffold flashcards on Quizlet. Scaffolding is a structure used in creating support to work mostly in construction places to help the workers to carry the materials to the destination. According to OSHA, scaffolding standard means a person “one who is capable of identifying existing and predictable hazards in the surroundings or working conditions, which are unsanitary, hazardous to employees, and who has the authorization to take prompt corrective measures to eliminate them." This website is not the official or final authority to determine OSHA compliance responsibilities, which are set forth in OSHA standards themselves, and the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. What is Scaffolding Safety? A competent person should determine the fall protection for employees working on supported scaffolds. or OSHA Training Course This quiz is designed to test employees on Scaffolding Safety. Scaffolding Safety Rules As recommended by the Scaffolding, Shoring, and Forming Institute reprinted with permission Following are some common sense rules designe d to promote safety in the use of steel scaffolding. To ensure scaffolding safety, the scaffold must be built under the supervision of a competent person, and workers must be trained by a qualified person before they use the scaffold. industry, work on scaffolds frequently. Scaffolding safety is a set of preemptive actions in building, inspecting, using, and tagging scaffolds.

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