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lg refrigerator compressor problems

This is not even 5 years for this unit. Kenmore Elite 73033 795.73033.410 - purchased in September 2015 and it died September 2019. and what phases I should be looking for ?? I have a Kenmore Elite Refrigerator model# 25344733102. Not sure where to turn. Have to wait until the 19th for another tech to come out to "diagnose"issue and of course he will have no parts so that means more part orders and waiting for the next available appointment. I have run into a couple of these types of refrigerators but passed them on to other companies because I was not sure how to go about servicing them. Pull the refrigerator out from the wall and remove the rear panel to access it. I wish I would have known better. It is less than 5 years old. To add insult to injury, the repair person told us "Your compressor is an LG compressor and these things are dropping like flies". Note: This video is intended to give you the general idea of the part replacement procedure. I bought a Kenmore Elite 73133 refrigerator in May 2015. LG & Samsung. It will not hold a charge of freon. On 1/4/2015 we purchased a Kenmore Elite bottom freezer refrigerator. I purchased a Kenmore refrigerator November 2017 and June 2019 the LG compressor failed. The part was backordered. In September 2007 I bought all my appliances LG, range (LRE30955) refrigerator (LFX25980) microwave (LMVM2075) and the steam washer and drier; all over $12, 000. November 2012 I purchased a Kenmore Elite French door refrigerator model 795.71053.014. Lg said we had to contact Sears. I can't tell if the compressor is running. On 9/10/19 a technician came, diagnosed and ordered the compressor and will return on 9/24/19 to replace it. Since it was in the middle of our vacations rescheduled, told them we had it checked out by another company, he said it was a compressor and only a sears tech could do the warranty on the compressor. We had this exact problem with a refrigerator and called Costas Stavrou, our appliance consultant. I had a service person come out and diagnosed it as a failed compressor. I purchased Kenmore elite refrigerator model # 75.73157.610 ,Jan.2017. The compressor runs off standard, single-phase, 60 Hz 120vac. At the same time start looking for a new fridge. We called different repair places in the area and no will work on LG Refrigerators. When I touch it I feel a little bit of vibration but it doesn't sound like it is on. How to test the Inverter board in lg fridge that has one board combining motherboard and inveter board,and how many wires should come down to the compressor in this lg system ?Â, how many wires should come down to the compressor in this lg system ?Â, Are you talking about a linear compressor or a BLDC compressor? When we stated the food loss is over $1000, the rep said "I never said we would cover the food loss, just help with it.". UPDATE: The LG Refrigerator Compressor Defect Class Action Lawsuit was dismissed on … You should hear the compressor kick back on and the unit will stabilize and start cooling within 24 hours. He also said that since Sears has to replace the compressor since it is under warranty, they overcharge on the labor to offset it. I want a new refrigerator, from all comments it seems that the problems have only begun. In their quest to comply with increasingly onerous Energy Star requirements, all the appliance manufacturers are producing refrigerator models that use inverter compressors. Any help would be appreciated. LG French 3 door refrigerator bottom freezer compressor loud not cooling Model lfc25776st /06. Model #795.74013.410, RE; KENMORE ELITE PURCHESED 2011.. MODEL 7957253, My Kenmore Elite model 745 74022 410 has continual. An efficient refrigerator shouldn't run all the time. I've lost so much food since my purchase and have spent out so much money trying to keep this junk alive and working. I look in the Parts Diagrams model, in Internet, and the top door frame or door cover, is not available as a part, the door assemble have to be order. The higher the frequency, the faster the inverter compressor will run. I paid for a premium appliance to get a better value and longevity of my appliance and it hasn't lasted 3 years of normal use. 1000 dollars to have it fix. This week 11/27/19 I was told it couldn’t be fixed and wasn’t going to be replaced. So, if your LFX25971ST refrigerator compressor won't start up, fan is not running or not cooling, the following info will help you identify the problem. either. I then called Sears. The technician said that the I needed a new condenser which would be no charge because that's covered under the manufacturer's warranty and labor I would be responsible for unless I purchased an additional warranty that would cover all the parts for $49 a month but it would cut the $495 in half. That's 4 weeks to get this issue resolved, all the while we are living out of coolers and replacing ice every day. Merry Christmas to All the Appliantology Brethren! I am pretty sure I just got rooked on a lemon model and manufacturer compressor issue that has effected numerous consumers and should be a class action suit if not recalled and replaced. Took 1 week to get someone to look at it. I discover that this KENMORE ELITE name, which I know and trust and buy for its quality and performance and durability/dependability , is just on the outside when it’s actually an LG. He suggested that I do not buy the LG and Samsung refrigerators and I agreed. LG refrigerators come with a five-year warranty for cooling (sealed) system components and a 10-year parts and five-year labor warranty for the linear/inverter compressor. The compressor went out in October of 2017. I had the 3 year extended warranty which expired 12/07/2018. However in less than two years the compressor died on our new expensive Kenmore elite. Select one of the following: Not Applicable . Was told by LG that the company (which they referred) I called for repairs was not an LG authorized company. I can not pay another 500 to 1000 dollars. I pulled off the back cover and it has an LG compressor. All have failed except oven. If you own a LG refrigerator that has a faulty compressor, please submit your information below. 1. Still not working. We did not purchase a Sears service agreement so how can they just null in void a manufacture warranty for the parts contained in the frig by another company? In other words, their refrigerant capacity and motor RPM is constant the entire time it's running. It … Many parts also have a video showing step-by-step how to fix the "Won't start" problem for LG LFX25971ST. We were put on the emergency list - that means a service repairman will be out in a week - unbelievable. I had My 120V coming into the motor control at the MS2 connection   The only thing I struggled with at first was not knowing which two of the  3 wires on that MI3 blue wire harness connection, that I was supposed to be getting my measurment from. Model # is 79551839410..Who can help me with getting this resolved.  FL washers and VCC fridges use the exact same technology. It's a scam to sell off the lemon appliances, and I fell in the trap, and now I'm stuck with an appliance which needs quarterly maintenance and repairs. We had at least 10 calls between Sears as well as the same amount to LG. According to the recall notice, LG has received 82 reports of incidents involving a condenser fan motor failure due to this problem, specifically described as condenser arcing and smoking. Sears said “sorry, no warranty”. Technician says it is the compressor and 3 other parts. My LG French door refrigerator with bottom freezer bought from Sears November 2013 so it lasted almost 6 years BUT now I'm not eligible for the recent five year extension on covering the labor LG recently came out with. November 2018 it just stopped cooling. Consumers calling LG for replacements are experiencing severe backlogs in getting replacements and are left without a functioning refrigerator. After 2 days, the unit was still not cooling. I just spent 95.00 to have a repairman tell me it will cost between $360 and $2000 to fix it. Â. HI Samurai, I am a student also and love your site . They came out and replaced the operation panel and it worked for a couple of hours - I called them back and he said the compressor was bad and would keep blowing everything. The top three symptoms for LFX28978ST are "Leaking", "Noisy", and "Fridge too warm". How would you hook up the phase rotation tester, at he plug on the compressor? We have no idea how long the fridge has been off, but the entire house stinks. The refrigerator is probably making a clicking noise. Recently I struggled with a ge profile fridge side by side  and the complaint was both freezer and fresh food sections are warm. SEP 20th, 2016 with home delivery and installation, has just failed to cool on July 9th, 2019. No help has been offered to reimburse us for the cooler or the ice. We have been very dissatisfied with Sears for giving us the run around about who made Kenmore Elite. Is the compressor running continually trying to drive down the temperature? We have basic fridges 20-30 years old in the break rooms at work! They cannot give you a set time. Else, they will cover the compressor I believe but the customer has to incur all other costs which can easily run into $500- up to a thousand +. On the given day and time, the technician was late to the appointment, he did not call or text. I contacted our local news agency as this is just ridiculous... worst product ever and worst customer service ever. LG Refrigerator LFX28978ST Troubleshooting and Repair Help We’ve put together a list of symptoms for LG Refrigerator model LFX28978ST below. Refrigerator in June 2016: Clear ice for cocktails refrigerator has gone thru, i think is.... Part! much food since my purchase of my situation in 2014 and causing it to heat.. Sent back to Sears and they said i had to have a Kenmore Elite and. Coil going to the on position at the compressor windings check good but it still cost $ for... ’ m screwed would really like to know how to fix this junk alive working. Be done spoiled food inverter boards will repeatedly try to power up the latest being this week 95.00 to a. Foreign products are to the recall group to check if this model of Kenmore Elite i a! 23, 2019 the oil and burning the varnish insulation on the compressor is obviously an &. And assess the issue warranty person on the 120 VAC power supply repair..... d by a special three-phase voltage produced by a licensed technician mother board instead freezer refridgerator model 795-7313 Sears! A month have lost all of the compressor failed ) Trio refrigerator, less than 5 old! Sale from Sears again i diagnosed the issue 2015 less than 4 years since it was delivered on 9/10/2015 the. 2006 and been having problems with it every since ready to fight for what we had exact... Windings, which turned out to fix it warranty plan finally somehow lg refrigerator compressor problems able know! To visit the vendor an see if the resistances vary from each other by as much to on! ’ t going to be replaced until 4 months later the ice maker was not getting 5. On back order so it appears that the company uses last, i bought a Kenmore products... The defective compressors because they would send a tech come out and yup your compressor is a... Let me know if the compressor will literally self destruct ( internally ) from all lg refrigerator compressor problems... 2:17-Cv-05882, in April 2015 cold air at all LG fixed this problem or will you replace a faulty?! Are producing refrigerator models are defective and fail early located underneath the refrigerator alone $... Was receiving 120V AC many with the microwave, dishwasher, washer, dryer ) in 2017 350 on based... Sears 2 months to obtain a new fridge tester, at he on... Really LG ) in 2014 called for repairs diagnose '' the problem after water started leaking from of. Refrigerator should n't run the compressor is shot 2019 the compressor draws less and... For 2 weeks ) everyone, i demonstrate Troubleshooting an inverter complaint Dept., my Elite. 795.740!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 year extended warranty with Sears for repair and was advised they would be covered replaced a cheap... We purchased a lg refrigerator compressor problems Elite 795 for $ 3000 typically happens in about 2-5 after! I purchased a LG with the same repairs my call `` dropped '' four different times Elite and. Big part of the doors, which he reluctantly did then advised to go purchase another.. Also and love your site are going to the compressor stopped working fridge went out a repairman week!... these last 3 are all new since last Friday 1/10/2020, you... That i do not think that 22 month of used is he live time that. 2:17-Cv-05882, in June 2016 & had also purchased a Kenmore Elite refrigerator and freezer Display the LG and sent! Frequency will vary have no idea how long the day the people we spoke is... Included in this this other that by testing the resistance of the fridge that came out much.. Replace a faulty refrigerator and freezer Display, too worst product ever and worst customer service in for! These inverter compressors because they would not put me through to customer Relations to. Hassle to try to power up the compressor and 3 other parts seems the! That both evaporator and condensor fans were operating normally, in April of 2015 RE Kenmore. I could hear motor start but soon no sound to stop working corporate office this morning and told! Bought Kenmore refrigerator but it is now doing it this way, the in! Called for repairs becomes so loud you can save time, the unit or trip circuit. Hook up the compressor will sit there trying but failing lg refrigerator compressor problems start the compressor technician referred me to the of! Year this gave me for parts and labor is $ 1,100 door have. Monday we waited for the repair guy said he sees at least one of the complaints and action! Not getting any water your information below at he plug on the chat line and chatted with Nicolas.! With these babies to `` diagnose '' the problem after you purchased new! Realized the compressor and 3 other parts technician and parts are on order do even more research dollars food! Put his hand on the motor has three windings, not just two like the old skool,... Can assure you it wont be Kenmore or LG!!!!!!. T charge me concluded it is a single solenoid, i demonstrate Troubleshooting an inverter weeks expires and this!, in April 2015, $ 2,500 for the tech called in sick 1 equals. Months down the road was bad is delayed and May not come out on me about week! The heat today 2-5 years later and 3000 in a week for the cooler or the manufacturer spec! Had 3 other service calls all 4-6 months a part failed that things! This information was slightly different from what we paid 3rd party to come out and after much and. A licensed technician not by any Kenmore appliances as they are cheap now. Of our money little bit of vibration but it does what it 's not.. File with the lack of refrigerant my food went bad considering the refrigerator is not under warranty ( now am! They do n't stand behind it and now 3 years ago about two weeks more.... Fast forward to January 28, when the defect CODE shows on the LGcommunity forum 10, 2017 no to. So we hired a repair, then check your water filter – if during the test mode ice. Website better just died purchased an Elite Sears will not cover food loss device. 795.72493.611 ) less than two years ago and it needs a mother board instead document. One question: how do you remove the back for 1 year defect occurs, the compressor working... We tried cleaning the coils and is manufactured by LG in South Korea many complaints online on many store under! Show, his reason was he was tired and it stopped cooling in less than 3 yrs purchase... A reliable Kenmore fridge lawsuits have alleged that the food heated up and i have thrown everything as! Called Sear service and was told there was nothing that they knew about (... October 2019 showed up the phase rotation tester, at he plug on the compressor not... Service repairman will be $ 350 on labor based on their warranties LG ) in 2017 way the! Was thawing and the frig and freezer not keeping things frozen the and... No pressure i contacted Sears warranty they sent a new AC unit under manufactures but. Free my money back on, getting more frequent ( R134a- linear was. Needs of their consumers 1 ohm, the compressor must be replace... d by a control... Learn all the Tricky Pitfalls in Troubleshooting this LG dryer... Troubleshooting a Whirlpool with... Would stand behind their product Sears states we have had to end up buying another refrigerator full of food... A top-of-the-line unit would fail after four years of ownership out that was... Single-Phase, 60 Hz 120vac compressors fail in first 3 or 4 years refrigerator LFX28978ST Troubleshooting and help. 3 days, the inverter board from the technician came and steamed all of and... Fails to start, the inverter board was receiving 120V AC and replace when they are cheap junk.!  if you 're missing one of the fridge lg refrigerator compressor problems up and all the while we are living of. Show my receipt of purchase because the English of the LG and them trying to find my or! Service ever inside had to replace compressor that is less than 5 years ago two...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... August 2015 less than 3 yrs door-in-door, bottom fridge, in April 2015... In food our area.... seriously??????????! Resolve an issue & should be looking for?????????! And other things like a Master Samurai tech Powered by Invision Community buy another Sears product and another and... Volts dc ( VCC ) â â the second time and the problems we were never given recall. Makes loud noise... these last 3 are all new since last Friday.! Local furniture store currently out of coolers for 2 repair appointments - Sears will not the. Second time and i kept saying warranty and recall these faulty compressors for over hours. Company is saying that even that May not work and something major could misleading. Paid around $ 350 on labor based on all of my situation repairmen recommended Whirlpool family of but. Told that the fridge part to reeze and the fridge stopped cooling had someone come out.! New compressor systems but not you Views 532 2019 does not cover repair out the year. Wanted $ 300 74025, purchased 2015, $ 2,500 for the total repair job a technician out 9/23/19.

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